5 Marketing Tips to Consider

February 28th, 2011

As the global economy shifts and settles amidst rapidly growing technological capabilities, how do business small and large determine the right strategy to thrive? The trend to simplify is now paralleled by a return to the core values of trust, value, and transparency. As we move forward faster than ever, take a brief pause here to explore five marketing trends that you can easily incorporate to position yourself for success in 2011.

(1) Socialize with your brand advocates. Rather than acquire tens of thousands of Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, or Facebook friends, what matters most is the quality connections you can create with those who are loyal to your business and brand. These individuals will spread your message to their personal connections with a much greater impact than any business initiative could hope to do. Really get to know your advocates—really.

(2) Make sure your content truly counts. Social media marketing is driven by original and value-added content, so be sure to contribute to the online conversation (and subsequently, to people’s lives) by adding worthwhile input. By generating incredible and dynamic content, you can pop up past the competition in a web space that’s cluttered with noise.

(3) Invest dollars in social media. Shift your marketing budget away from print and radio advertising to social media. Because consumers spend more time online than ever, be sure to maintain a presence on the social web to stay competitive and relevant.

(4) Know your reputation in greater detail. Social media gives consumers a broad platform to speak and what they’re saying is important to the success (or lack thereof) of a business. Use social media aggregators like Hootsuite and Spredfast to develop, nurture, and track your reputation online.

(5) Mobile marketing is indeed meaningful. While still in stages of infancy, mobile marketing is becoming the imperative of the future. Branded mobile apps and mobile marketing apps like Foursquare will continue to make a difference in 2011 and beyond.

And, here’s one more bonus tip:

Geotargeting and localized marketing is becoming key. Local discount websites like Groupon and Living Social, and review sites such as Yelp, make it extremely easy for consumers to find deals and reviews about businesses in their area. Therefore, creating targeted, local marketing campaigns using popular tools such as these are becoming the norm.

As businesses experiment with a variety of online, localized, and mobile marketing initiatives, be sure you’re leveraging your opportunities for growth.

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