Living, Loving, Learning to Rebrand

August 4th, 2013

Tech startup Grockit launched in 2007 with goal of creating test-prep products for students. You know, anyone preparing for those SATs, ACTs, GMATs. LSATs, and/or GREs. Because studying for those is nothing to LOL about.

Last year, however, Grockit found another way to appeal to their target market of education-seekers: a Pinterest-like website where users could post and share educational materials on a variety of topics. They called it “Learnist” (get it!?).

Learnist—the new brand—quickly grew to become the focus of Grockit’s business. So much so, in fact, that Grockit recently decided to sell its test-prep assets, which had once been its core business, to education giant Kaplan.

So what’s next for Grockit? They’re rebranding as Learnist and focusing their efforts on this rapidly-growing business. While Learnist has already achieved considerable success, attracting nearly 1 million users and raising $44.7 million from investors, the rebranding effort is just beginning. Building the new brand will require expert planning, focus, and energy.

The target market for Grockit was limited to test-takers. As Learnist, the company is reaching out to a much broader audience. To have a successful rebrand, Learnist must understand its new target market and learn what the audience wants, and tailor its approach to compel them to engage. The future of education-sharing depends on it!

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