Tech Startup Meets Investors


Founded by music moguls and Silicon Valley veterans, Dulcetta’s innovative technology pairs focus-boosting music with your e-reader. The leadership team needed help securing both an additional investment round and a licensing agreement with a Top-5 e-reader manufacturer. Building on our in-depth market research and testing, we began creating Dulcetta’s (hugely successful) presentations.


From the new brand name to the customized websites and videos, Dulcetta’s new suite of Brand Identity assets was designed with its target markets in mind. The sleek look appealed to financial investors as well as e-reader manufacturers, such as Nook and Kindle.


Dulcetta’s target market included three core segments: Investors, End-Licensees, and Joint Venture Partners. We developed three investor presentations, one for each segment, with custom copy and designs that spoke to the respective audience’s interests.

Audience Testing

Dulcetta’s pitch to investors and e-reader manufacturers relied on our having a marketable, well-liked product. And we needed genuine opinions to support the claim.

We invited a profiled group from among Dulcetta’s target audience to test the technology, and to provide their feedback on everything from UI/UX to pricing. With this crucial data, we would help Dulcetta improve upon an already outstanding product, and develop compelling brand assets to close deals.

  • Script
  • Film Shoot
    Film Shoot
  • Post-Production

Brand Video

Dulcetta engages the target market with an easy-to-follow explanation of the core technology behind their brand. Brand videos are an excellent way to both inform and compel the audience, as is evident in this beautiful example.

  • Responsive Design
    Responsive Design
  • Testing and QC
    Testing & QC
  • Customized Experience
    Customized Experience

Website Content, Design & Development

Dulcetta’s stunning new website showcases the brand and the usefulness of its technology for stakeholders at Nook, Kindle, and other Top 5 e-reader manufacturers. Adding to the wow factor, our custom web designs create uniquely different branded experiences for each manufacturer. This means that when Nook stakeholders log in, for example, they see a completely Nook-branded website.

Investor Presentations

We built custom content and design for three unique presentations, one for each of Dulcetta’s B2B targets (Investors, End Licensee, JV or Partner). Using our presentation, Dulcetta was able to secure an additional 7-figure investment round. More importantly, the company is now finalizing a licensing agreement with a Top-3 e-reader manufacturer.

Digital Resident Portal


Attracting potential investors with insights into market size, growth, and user adoption and retention rates.


Showing e-reader manufacturers why they should adopt Dulcetta’s technology into their platform.

Joint Venture

Giving strategic partners solid reasons to pool resources with Dulcetta and share in the growth.

Will Henshall
"Knightsbridge Branding has a rare ability to consistently deliver exciting, original and visually stunning branding. Their attention to collateral detail that precisely follows the company strategy is where the rubber meets the road. I recommend their services to anyone without reservation.”
Will Henshall