Wynn Las Vegas

A Premier Brand Experience


The Wynn Las Vegas Hotel & Casino rakes in all sorts of awards (not to mention gaming chips). With more Forbes Five Stars than any other independent hotel, it’s safe to say they maintain a high standard. When the Wynn asked us to design and implement an operational strategy for their Salon & Spa, we knew it was a chance to create an unforgettable experience for guests.


A luxury brand must consistently deliver an exceptional experience. It’s how the Wynn maintains such a positive brand reputation—and along with it, healthy profit margins.


With the customer’s experience mapped out and brand consistency assured, our team trained staff on new sales strategies to capitalize on the improvements. We also helped Wynn implement an employee retention program.

Employee Engagement Workshop

The Wynn’s executive team felt that employee engagement was too low, and our interviews with spa staff justified that concern. The Workshop was the first step in correcting it. Using innovative and participatory exercises, we gained specific knowledge about the frustrations and concerns of employees. This data would be used to build programs to grow employee incentive and engagement, both aimed at giving staff a sense of purpose in their work.

Client Experience Map & Enhancement

Crafting an exceptional experience for the customer takes lots of preparation. It’s the feel of the slippers on your toes, the temperature of the water as you step in, and the products available in the Salon. You need to anticipate the needs of every guest and deliver with consistency.

The Client Experience Map does more than just ensure a guest’s satisfaction: it grows sales. When every potential need can be addressed, the opportunities for upselling and cross-selling are many — if employees have the right training.

Wynn’s spa staff received an Experience Map of their own, which detailed ample break times, predictable schedules, and a clear structure to their work. With happier and better-prepared employees, the Wynn could create a consistently positive experience for customers — and a consistently profitable business for themselves.

Client Experience Map 1
Client Experience Map 2

Per Month

increase in sales


in profit margins


in employee retention in 12 months

Sales Support & Employee Retention

The Wynn Salon & Spa has become a high-traffic destination on the competitive Las Vegas Strip. Retail and service sales increased by $80,000 per month, while gross profit margins grew nearly 30%.

By perfecting the customer’s journey and building a rock-solid internal culture, the Wynn Spa & Salon could provide a better experience for clients. As a result, the Wynn saw an increase in repeat clients and positive word-of-mouth. (And the employees were happier, too.)